Frequently Asked Questions

To open a support ticket simply head over to our contact form.
You can find a list of our supported sites here
Best way to find out if the bot is available for purchase would be to check our official Twitter page @swipedio
After purchasing Swiped you will be emailed with your automatically generated password to log into the Swiped app, along with a Test Flight invite code. You may also find more information regarding this within the Discord.
Within the Discord we have a list of resources for beginners learning to use the bot. Also for specific drops we will update the guides section.
Swiped licenses last a year, whenever you purchase Swiped you are purchasing a yearly license. At the end of the year you will have the choice to renew your license for the price of $100.
We do not guarentee success by using Swiped. However Swiped highly increases the user's chance.
We are constantly incorporating new features and working on making the users experience better. To keep up with the latest updates you can check our change logs or the updates section in Test Flight.
Swiped is intangible so we cannot provide refunds. All sales are final. If you are having trouble with the bot simply head over to our contact form and submit a ticket, our staff will assit you shortly.